Drupal South 2014 - UQ case study

Tuesday, 18 February 2014 - 5:00pm

I recently talked at the DrupalSouth conference about The University of Queensland's Drupal platform, UQ-Drupal. The talk covered both our infrastructure topology and custom developments, including:

  • Replacing NFS with the Riak object-store, and integrating with Storage API, WYSIWYG and file/image browsers
  • Replacing the traditional MySQL service with Galera for multi-master writes
  • Using a central rdf triplestore to not only dictate content types and taxonomies, but storage of ALL created Drupal content for shared consumption
  • How to build an infrastructure that scales easily and rapidly
  • Using SimpleSAMLphp as a central IDP for SSO
  • Central Things: A module that allows for export/import of content types, taxonomies, and content itself to a Triplestore
  • Inception: A drag-and-drop interface that sits on top of Display Suite

Many thanks to all who attended! Download the slides here.

Full video of the talk should be available soon.