Display Suite Inception v3 Release

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 - 9:00pm

The Display Suite Inception v3 release is now available in the Drupal.org sandbox.

This release further enhances and refines the functionality from the previous release.  The codebase has been entirely refactored to be more refined, while improving performance and fixing many minor bugs.

New pieces of functionality:

  • Full Entity support (User / Taxonomy / Node)
  • System field support
    • Use Inception to lay out System fields -- a near full replacement for Field UI
    • Drag and drop fields between Display Suite regions and set field weights
    • Full Display Suite field support (Code / Block / Dynamic / etc)
  • In-line field formatter settings
    • Change Field formatter settings on the fly with live previews
    • Support for DS Field Templates
  • Full View Mode support
    • Use Inception to lay out alternate view modes
    • Allow override of Views to render using given view modes
  • Refined Inheritance model
    • Create custom Inception layouts that mix System, DS, Inception fields
    • Apply custom layouts to other content (e.g:  Create custom layout for News Article content type, have all Articles inherit layout)
    • Local overrides -- content may override location + weight of inherited fields

Watch the screencast below for a demonstration of the above refinements.