Display Suite Inception v2 Preview

Monday, 30 June 2014 - 5:00pm

I'm happy to announce the dev release of DS Inception v2.

The latest version of Inception has added a ton of new functionality, including the ability to 'inception-enable' any Drupal entity, so you can now use Inception functionality pretty much anywhere in Drupal.

Taxonomy Vocabularies can inherit a primary Inception layout, allowing for per-term layout overrides if required. You can also override inherited layouts, so if you don't want an inherited element to display on a term, or you'd like to change the region it appears in, you can locally override it.

You can similarly have content types inherit from a parent Inception layout and override in the same way.

New stuff :

  • Embed Inception content in any Drupal entity (Taxonomy/Content Type)
  • Inherit parent layout from existing Inception pages per Vocab/Term/Content Type
  • Override inherited content (region placement/weight) per entity
  • Embed Inception entities within other Inception layouts (think 'easy grouped content')
  • (You can even embed inception within inception within inception within inception. If you want.)
  • Override Views Header/Footer with custom content
  • Override Views contextual filter values
  • Apply classes to view items & wrapper
  • Override views pager settings & max items on the fly

The majority of the above are covered in the video demo below.

In the pipeline:

  • Full core field support
  • Field formatter configuration & overrides
  • Better scratch (build/preview content before pushing to page)
  • Context integration (assign parent layouts based on given criteria)
  • Allow override of parent meta (i.e view override settings, classes, etc)
  • .. more.

Drupal Sandbox project is up to date with latest code. It will have bugs, and you need to apply a baby patch to DS.

If you have any questions or want to chat about this work feel free to contact me directly.